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JEANSThe standards are prefered---Levis, Lee, WranglerAnything else, as long as it looks good is ok, just don't get too wild with designer shit. We do...'t care if you spent $100 + on a pair of jeans, in fact we more likely think ur a dumb ass.FIT---snug is usually it. Skinny jeans are OK if you are skinny ! Major turn off to see blubber hanging out over your waist line cause your jeans are too tight. Too tight compresses your best “assets”. Your ass is compressed, not showing it's roundness, and. She kept moaning and humping my face. She smelled like sex, she was so wet. I loved the smell and taste. I was tasting my cum mixed with her fluids and I liked it! I was getting turned on again! I actually liked doing this! Then I stuck my tongue into her cum filled hole and sucked it. I got a mouthful of sticky cum. I felt like the nastiest guy in the world! She screamed and squirted into my mouth as she clamped her thighs tightly around my head. She must have orgasmed for a full minute. When. ”“When was that?”“I was sixteen and so was he, and we wanted to find out what all the fuss was about. Slipped it in and next thing is he’s done it into a protective. ” She strokes his arm. “It was extremely disappointing. Didn’t feel anything and I have never bothered since although a couple of your sex have tried their best to persuade me.” She stares. “But I guessed right and you’ve got a proper one there.” A shiver. “Bigger than I need.”“ I’ll go in slowly.“And no protective.”“No. The impact was not actually very hard, but the sheer surprise of it took Kyla off-balance, and the effects of several vodkas earlier in the evening slowed her reflexes and prevented her from recovering in time. She toppled sideways against the full-size fridge-freezer, causing it to shake violently, and then rebounded again.Veronica was looking slightly shocked by her own action, and moved too slowly when Kyla swung back and delivered a stinging counter-slap. This left Kyla wide open to.

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