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You will be better soon, but you need to rest.?The old lady covered Diane up, and walked to the door. ?I shall bring you some soup up later dear. But ...ry to sleep.?With that, the old lady left the room, leaving Diane alone again.Diane fell back to sleep almost as soon as the old lady left. The dreams had stopped, but there was something niggling her, even as she slept. The memoirs.The more she thought about it before she was ill, the more she had been sure that something or someone was missing. With that, she headed into the bedroom, and let her robe slip to the floor. As always, she was stunning to see naked, with a rosy glow to her skin, and just the faintest of tan lines. Her long dark hair fell to her waist, and her full breasts, narrow hips and perfect ass were something to behold. She had about as perfect a body as a woman could have. She directed Josh to lay on the bed, and for me to stand behind her. She then crawled onto the bed, got on all fours and took Josh in her mouth.. I hadn't thought about Charli's mama the whole time, though she didn't reach the standing of my six-foot-two frame she was certainly close to it, and she seemed very threatening, and protective. She stared at me, as if she was sizing me up, taking the bag out of my hands she said, "Listen to me boy, my daughter Charli is my heart, she's my only child and I will do anything to protect her and prevent her from heartbreak. You hurt her heart and I'll see to it that you bleed, you hear me?" Trying. I grope her butt as she inserts me inside her and we fuck slowly for a few minutes in full view of anyone passing by. I cum again, this time deep inside her pussy as she moans her way to a loud orgasm."Fuck that was good," she says with a grin.I checked the time on my phone. 9AM - an hour before my class begins. I hear the sound of Natalie peeing on the floor and instinctively put my leg between hers, enjoying the feeling of the warm liquid gushing out of her."Let's go see if the others are up".

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