We talked every day, sometimes several times a day, on the phone. The next week flew by and soon we were approaching the weekend again. I had made no ...lans, but was hoping to see Jennifer as much as possible over the weekend. I was sitting home Thursday night watching TV when my phone rang. Figuring it was Jen, I answered quickly. I was wrong.“Hey Jeff, how are you doing?” asked Beth.“I am doing ok Beth, how are you?” I replied.“Ok, I guess, why haven’t you called me?” she replied.“Well Beth,. David went back to his room and I cuddled Carrie. Before we settled in for a contented nights sleep, she looked at me and said, "That was wonderful. Did we do the right thing?" "Yes," I replied.The next morning, we all sat at the breakfast table. I looked at them, "Shall we talk about it. Carrie, did you like it?" "Yes, I did. I was really nervous about it but it was wonderful and I'm glad we did it. Was it OK for you, David?" "Mom, it was better than I had ever dreamed about. It felt. Grab you name tag and go sit with the other spousesin that corner." Scott put on his name tag as he walked to the cornerwhere all the other spouses sat, he saw they were all women. They werevarious ages from mid-30s to mid-50s. Everyone introduced themselves toScott, though Scott felt a bit out of place.Once boarding started, Sally ushered all the women, and Scott, to theirbusiness-class seats. She said, "Ladies, oh, and Scott," all the ladiessmiled, "once we are in the air I will go over our. ” Now free, she climbed on top of me and hugged her body close to mine. With a soft kiss on my lips, she rolled off of me, and gestured for me to spoon close behind her. I kissed the back of her neck and held a breast in my hand as we easily fell asleep together, both of us whispering “I love you” before we drifted off. I sat in class, my mind wandering as it often did. I kept thinking back to Winter Break just a few weeks earlier. No, not the sex, just spending time with Cameron. It was.

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