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She was starting to laugh now."You were jerking off weren't you?" But then she noticed the medical specimen container on the nightstand and her smile ...aded. "What's wrong?"I was now visibly shaking. I broke down on the verge of tears and told her everything. She sat down on the bed beside me and listened. Afterwards we both stared at the floor. I was so ambarassed at being caught and absolutely terrified that maybe I couldn't have children. Not that I wanted any right now, but in the future. I couldn’t wait longer and started to kiss her on her soft thirsty lips. They were so soft and due to her aroma, I am fully horny. We kissed each by having some love bites near the neck and ears.She didn’t resist me and we both went to back seat of the car and started to kiss passionately around 10 minutes. While kissing I am playing with her melons and her nipples were erect. After I moved her churidar to up side with her bra and started to suck her melons vigorously. Her aroma made me suck. ..caressing my fingers along her ribs, and over the curves of her hips and ass. Chrissy played along by massaging her fingers lightly over my swelling bulge...caressing her hand against my ass...catching my eyes as she briefly sucked the tip of her finger between her lips, or teased her tongue along the rim of her glass before taking a drink. Our sexual juices were flowing and our horniness for each other was becoming an irresistible force. We wandered our way through the crowd, and found our. There was only five of them and they already knew they didn’t have any weapons.“What do y’all mean?” David asked not sure he was serious.“Corporal Harris, get over here,” the sergeant called to one of the soldiers waiting for the start of the second around.“Yes sergeant,” he muttered hurrying to join him while pulling up his pants.“Tell them about our, uh, little camp. Anything they want to know. I’m starting round two,” he added winking at his man as he passed.“What ch’all wanna know?”“Well.

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