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I was amazed to see his dick from soo close. He came to me n planted a sweet kiss on my lips. I got shivers run down my spine by that simple kiss. I h...ld him close and starting smooching. He held my lower lip and sucked it very well. I was loving it. I was sucking his upper lip.We were lost in each other. His hands were rolling inside my t shirt and my hands on his neck and in hair. He pushed his tongue in my mouth and i started sucking that hard. Muuuuaah. umuuaaahh aaahhh muuahahh aahhh. I. I don't know why, the adoption agency recommended against it, said I'd be better off if we didn't, but I had to. He was my baby, my child. I couldn't... couldn't sever all ties with him. They sent me pictures, and today they took him to the baseball game." I didn't know you liked the game."Anna grimaced. "I don't, not like you. But I knew where they'd be. I had to see him; I didn't want to touch him, or do anything like that. I needed more than a picture. I needed to see my son, my child, my. As I got closer, I could tell that they were of two people having a fun time. I was wearing camo clothing so I could easily sneak up on them but it would not have mattered if I had been wearing flashing lights and bells, the two were totally absorbed in each other. From a distance I could see a woman in a white dress and another person in dark clothing. As I got closer, I noticed that the man was not wearing any clothing and he was black! In fact, he was one of the older boys in school. Kate did have a difficult time the first month after she returned to school, but then she was befriended by two sisters, Lisa and Rita Ross. Lisa was an eighth grader like Kate, and Rita was a year younger, and in seventh grade. The Ross's had moved to our town from Washington state, and, either didn't know, or didn't care, about the rumors surrounding Kate. Rita was on the short side, and was plump, while Lisa was taller, but thin and gangly looking. The first time I saw Lisa, she reminded me.

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