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Now Sadie had met her, and to make matters worse, she actually liked her. Sadie just hoped with the distance between them, she would actually have a c...ance with Mickey. Sometimes she thought about how absurd the situation really was, she hadn´t known him all that long. What had it been at that point, six weeks? Eight at the most. She tried to think of the whole thing as a simple affair, but when she had taken the apartment above his, and started spending every night in his bed, it had ceased to. Nerdy and shy, she had not too much experience, and was full of nerves at the start of her first shift in the brothel. Who would come ti her? What would she have to do?As the new girl she was given a small room doninated by a whirring fan, a single bed and a big tv. An air freshener somewhere hissed feebly from time to time. Next doir a Vietnamese girl called Fong wailed through the thin wall as an anonymous john sodomised her amidst a medley of squeaking bed springs. Feeling lost and. She needs to know too.”I looked from the brunette to the redhead and back. I was caught between my confusion over Jana and my concern for Danielle. I decided to deal with Jana later, especially since she wanted me to talk to Danielle now.Danielle sat in her t-shirt. Her wide eyes darted from Jana to me to Jordan and back again. “What? What more can there be?”I glanced at Jordan. She gave me a slight nod. I turned to Danielle, shifting myself around to face her completely. She had her arms. "Want to go somewhere more private?" I breathe in her ear."Fuck yes" was all she managed before I kissed her again before leading her to my car.I made sure that nobody would pay any attention to us when we were in there and got in the back seat with her. Now before I go any further my car is quite cramped as is, so when there are two teens about to go at it, there is not much room to manoeuvre, so with my new power I made the car bigger and more practical on the inside, almost like the.

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