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Riday, June 8, 1979After our morning cuddle and rapport, Bonnie, Missy, Sharon and I headed in to work for a while. We hadn't much more than got into ...y office before Ann came in."The police came by to see me last night," she told Sharon and me. "They wanted to know if I knew anything about my ex-husband getting beaten pretty badly yesterday afternoon. I assured them I didn't, and gave them the names of several people who knew I was at work when it happened." Did they say how badly he had been. The spandex in these panties held everyone firmly in this manner. The other items in the locker were a set of pink mule slippers, having a 2" heel, and a thick pink terry cloth robe. John slipped his feet into the mules and put on the robe. It felt good on his bare skin. John left the dressing room where Erica greeted him. Erica was a brunette, with a hairstyle just like Stephanie, and dressed identically. "Hi, I'm Erica, John. I'll be starting your day at the spa by washing your hair. Please. Next day boss was behaving so pesky at office she was never so mad like before and obviously I was target. Somebody dropped words in my ear that “you are in big trouble mr.Raj”? I was like wtf have I done?She just came straight to my fucking desk and standing near my table asking me about tampon. I just dropped my jaws, and I was shocked how the hell she found it? And checked if somebody else was listening and then she said no body is around . Why did I do that?I just make innocent face and say. Whoever he might be, her new husband had to be a colossus. I had seen Nadia take on five men at once and win. Nadia stood well over six-foot tall, a lot taller than the average village male, and was magnificently pulsating and muscled from head to toe. Her skin was tanned a dark bronze, both from the hot sun as well as the hours of ploughing the fields. Her figure was still quite shapely, and curvaceous. I’d say she was very beautiful. I was about the only friend she truly had in the entire.

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