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Spanish speakers are too lazy to pronounce the “iz” sound that makes the plural of a word ending in "s". “Are you busy?” she asked.“Now? Sur...,” I said.“Come in my house,” she whispered. “Where your car is?”“No car,” I replied. “I walked here.”“Come in,” she said, and I found myself having to suppress the urge to correct her English, like “Where is your car,” and “Get in, not come in.”She drove like a maniac, still struggling with the idea that you sit on the right-hand side in a British car and. Later that day, I was once again super horny after having thought of nothing else all day but her being fucked all night by 3 guys and eaten clean by Lola. I knew she wouldnt be up for more today but I just needed to get off a quick load. With the kids playing outside, I spied Judy lying on the couch reading a fashion magazine. I pulled out my dick while looking at her and thinking about last night. I could tell I wouldnt last long, so I walked over to Judy still spanking my cock. She turned. You say in a husky voice “No keep going I was enjoying the show” I look down to your all ready erect penis, as it seems to be fighting to escape your pants. I ram my fingers into my slit soaking my fingers more, and more with each thrust. I watch as you take your throbbing cock into your hand. Rubbing your hand over the head of your cock, moaning ever so slightly. I keep ramming my fingers in and out of my pussy, but then you stop as if displeased.You look down at me, and say in a growlish sort. ’ She said smiling at him. ‘I want to experience more of what life has to offer then the pampering of maidens at the castle. ‘And that’s why I left. I’m a woman, and I need to feel like one.’ ‘But princess won’t you family worry about you?’ ‘They will, but I told my ladies in waiting to stall for me as long as possible. So are you going to show me your abode or not?’ ‘I would love to princess, but unfortunately I have to wait here for a merchant that should have been here hours ago. He refuses.

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