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She held all the cards, and we both knewit. Yeah, it might take her time and effort to get a friend in themayor's office half as useful as I'd been, b...t she had all the time inthe world. An annoyance to her, terminal to me."You might swear yourself to me," she said, "such a cost to you mightbalance the scales."She paused, a playful smile crossing her face. The ultimate deal, a totalsurrender of will. Her spellbound thrall for the rest of my days. Nocancer, sure, but could that even be called. I gulped. Giving Lady one last pat, he walked toward me. I stood frozen, some small part of my mind screaming that this is how the deer felt as a car hurtled toward it. His eyes never left mine, both of us speaking volumes in the silence. Placing a hand on either side of my elbows, he leaned forward over the stall. As I braced myself, his lips slid past mine, just a whisper away, his soft chuckle mingling with my sharp gasp. Humor mixed with hunger as he began to whisper things in my ear, soft,. You’re touching yourself, baby. I bet you want to slide a finger into your panties and run it over that clit. Mmm, I know you baby doll…you’re aching… I could imagine how his beautiful cock was springing to attention, listening to my breathing get heavier as my hand worked its way into the soaked lace of my panties. I wanted to tell him how turned on, how wet I was, how desperate I was for the release he could bring me to but all I could do was clutch the phone to my ear and start to moan. I. "I missed your pussy so much." Lisa said before diving face first into her. Whatever words Katie was going to saw were lost in the scream of ecstasy. Lisa grabbed onto Katie's hips and plunged her tongue as deep into Katie's pussy as she could reach. She knew how to work her up to some powerful orgasms. Somewhere among the endless screams and moans Lisa understood when Katie told her that she loved her. Her lips and tongue were too busy to reply to her and was not about to stop what she was.

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