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I opened the door, kept it open and offered Claire whichever side of the bed she wanted.She giggled and got up on the right side. I walked around to t...e left side and got up on the bed. We were both keeping on all our clothes, except our shoes.There was about two feet between us. I saw Claire roll to her left and smile at me. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I fell asleep.About fifteen minutes later I awoke, hearing a panicky voice asking Kalista, “Where are Charles & Claire?”Kalista, not. I walked up and cupped her tits, feeling how big they were. I played with her hoops, tugging a bit on them. She asked “Do you want to stick your big cock between my big boobs?” I shook my head yes. Dawn walked up to me and asked if I really wanted to fuck her boobs. I responded “Tit fucking, Oh yes.” She asked about the wife, asked if I could really fuck her boobs and not feel bad about it. I walked up to her and took her tits in my hands. I lead her nipple towards my mouth, as I knee down to. Since he was motionless, she assumed he'd fallen back to sleep with his cock in her mouth. Used to it now, she fell back asleep too.--David woke up to the sound of a timer going off. Sunlight was streaming through the window, he must have slept later than he'd intended. The timer kept buzzing, but he took a moment to enjoy the feel of his wife's throat a little longer. Then he pulled it out with a *glork* coming from her throat and shut off the timer. The oxygen pill was wearing out, it. I just stared at him 4 a few moments, as he was the most gorgeous man i had ever seen. besides having a sexy shaved head & extremely wide shoulders, he was tightly muscled everywhere. my fingertips slowly traced the muscles of his sexy six-pack, on their way down 2 his thick, awesome cock. his hairless balls were huge, like a pair of tennis balls covered by soft black skin. i reached down with both hands, cradling his balls, then stretching them downward. i slid down on2 my knees in front of.

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