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Back to the present, we drop the small kedge anchor that catches easily in the sandy bottom some 25 feet below us. As we follow its decent to the bott...m by leaning over the side, we can see the multi-coloured tiny fish darting back and forth. We quickly don our fins, unwrap the goggles and spit inside the lenses as we have heard before rinsing them in the sea. This keeps the lenses clear. Strapping the goggles around our heads, we cover our eyes and noses – testing the seal by trying to breathe. Still kissing her neck, Bud had stepped back to unbutton his shirt. He’d used each foot to remove the shoe from the other. He’d figured that he was as ready as he could get while standing. He’d pulled off Blanche’s robe. Finally ending the kiss on her neck, he’d pulled her nightgown up above her waist.“No!” she had said, firmly if quietly. He had picked her up and carried her to the bed. When he lay her on it, he had pulled the nightgown up so it covered only her arms and her head. As she. All I had to do was not get the pair from the dorm mother and I would complete my initiation into my fraternity.There was another guy doing the same thing but he had another sorority to do and I hoped that he was caught and therefore disqualified. That would mean I was a sure bet for acceptance. But, I had to keep my thoughts on the last room I had to do. She was a light sleeper and was known to wake easy to catch some of the girls as they came in after hours.The one thing in my favor was that. She awoke the sun was high in the sky as she sat up in her bed she was shoked to see her breasts had grown now a dd cup and her body had more muscle tone she was already fit before but now she looked even more gorgeous most surprising was when she looked in the mirror her eyes were now a deep icy blue grey and her hair was deep jet black and had more volume and seemed to shine. She looked out the window and could hear the guards at the front gate clearly even though they were atleast 100.

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