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I could tell she was affected. But I pretended she was doing fine. She seemed a bit tipsy so I told Sameer to start recording her. As I say that, I ta...e her to the dance floor and we start to dance rather intimately. Every chance I get I slide my hands up and down her body, feeling up her breasts a little. As the drink kicks in, she starts to be less and less cautious about her body, as she moves to the beat of the music. At one point people start treating it like a show, giving her the center. She closes her eyes and lets out a long sigh. I worked my way up her leg, massaging her calf muscles as I come to her knee. I kiss her knee and let my tongue skip across her kneecap. She draws her leg away and says, ‘That tickles!’ I drop back to her other foot and work my way up to her knee. Her eyes are closed and she is breathing a little heavier. I drop her knee next to the other and kiss up the top of her thigh. When I reach her hip I drop to her other leg’s knee and work up to her hip. "Well. It's about fucking time. I thought you'd never wake up. This is my first time using chemcials to grab a girl. Usually I just hit 'em really hard're way to pretty to hit." The man laughs as he sits next to me. His hand casually caress my leg. I shudder. His touch feels like ice. "Please. Please. I'll give you anything you want...." Oh. You can count on that." He laughs again."I ha-ha-have money. Lots of it. I can gi-" He slaps my face.I suddenly feel heat close to my ear. His. Jill, my sister, remarked that she needed somemilk from the convenience store and I invited her toaccompany me there.Jill is nice looking, nothing glamorous, with shoulderlength fair hair that is usually tied back in aponytail. Her build is that of a youthful size ten andI have always harbored some secret “what-if” fantasiesabout her that I’d never actually analyzed before.That afternoon as Jill slid into my car, I noticed thather shapely legs were encased within.

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