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Wow! You are doin’ okay buddy!” “Thanks Harry. Sara, meet Harry and Cheryl,” Cal said. I was sort of awe struck at the whole scene. “Hi,” all I could manage to say. Cheryl jumped in, “Come on Sara, I will show you your room. Don’t worry about your stuff, we have a boy to get it for you. I love that blouse, where did you find it?” She chattered away as she took me up stairs to the “Master Guest Suite”. It was bigger than my apartment. “I hope you will be comfortable here. Cal has stayed here. “May I touch you?” asked Christine breathily in my ear. I nodded yes, but it wasn’t enough for Christine. “You have to say, yes please Chris” she said as Natalie sucked nearly all of my breast deep into her mouth and laved the nipple with the flat of her tongue. “Oh fuck, yes please Chris” I said and closed my eyes as Nat sucked my other breast and Chris’s fingers gently opened me up and slipped gently into my sopping pussy, running up and down over my clit with long assured strokes.It didn’t. “I gotta go James! You owe me something big for this information, don’t be a stranger okay?”Then with a beep, the connection was cut, and James was left staring an empty wall cupping his chin and pondering. After a good ten minutes of thinking to himself, he stood up and began to pace around. “Jasmine, do we have a decent map of the continent yet?”“Of course James, some of us actually do work around here.” A projection of the national borders of Atsunari then sprang to life on the wall.James. He's very attentive and he knows all of those special places that really drive me wild. But his touch isn't as gentle as I would prefer. He licks my pussy and massages my clit but uses a little more force than is necessary for my pleasure.Yes, I'm relaxed when the lovemaking is over, but my body doesn't necessarily tremble with excitement when he finally rolls over, once his dick has filled my pussy with his seed. And his breathing becomes the soft, measured breath of content sleep. He has been.

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