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I went to hold her and kiss her but she pushed me away "in the lounge Sam". I led the way in to the lounge where the blinds were drawn and took a sea... on her leather sofa not knowing what to expect next. She sat opposite me and fixed me with a stare."No one is to know what happened last night Sam" she said. My heart sank and all my earlier anxieties came rushing to the surface. "And no one is to know of ANYTHING we do together from now ok?". Relief like I'd never felt in my life before filled . 

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"Oh God," she whispered. "Fuck that's good." 

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I stood back and took a few of her having her arse fucked and alternately sucking on Tony's and. "Try me. I think there's two of me left."Nancy reached in the bowl and picked out one of two miniature "twins" of Mindy. Nancy held up the miniature Mindy--identical in appearance except that the miniature was about 6 inches tall. She looked up at the full-sized Mindy and said, "Is this really you?" It's a copy of me. All the details are right."Nancy shrugged and said, "Okay, here goes..."The tiny Mindy screamed, "No! Don't eat me! Please!"Nancy slid Mindy into her mouth, head first and began. In high school, she had seen the boys staring at her tits. She was well developed. Her mother worried about her, buying her sweaters one or two sizes too big, always to hide her firm, high- riding tits. But she would tuck in her sweater behind her skirt, stretching the knitted material over her bra. How the boys would stare, ignoring the teacher, their eyes wide, wanting, desiring her tits. It was wrong to tease like that. But still it wasn't as if she wanted to fuck them or anything. It was.

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