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. want to believe it ... and I want him to believe it, alright? Just in case he might get all upset. I don’t know if he would or won’t, but I don�...�t like takin’ them chances, not about that, okay? He might be cool with me and you doin’ it, but if he’s raisin’ your brat, he might raise Cain, cuck or no cuck, okay?” Ellie worried aloud, even as she dropped her denim cut-offs and let Dan slide right into her.“Oh, honey, Denny ain’t gonna give this up for nothin’ ... trust me! Hell, I wouldn’t if I. Paul rubbed my mound through my clothes as I moaned, kissed him and stroked his back and head.“Paul, please take off my jeans and panties.”Paul slid down my body, kissing as he went down, from my lips to my neck, to my chest and boobs, to my tummy, sticking his tongue in my belly button, which tickled. He undid the button at the top, then slowly unzipped the jeans. As the air hit that area, it seemed to enflame me more and I lifted my hips off the bed as he pulled my jeans slowly down my legs. ‘You’ll see,’ I said, as I placed my arm around her waist and led her up the steps and through the church door. The place was empty, cool, and silent. As we entered, we were greeted by a member of the church staff, who asked if she could help us. ‘My friend and I wanted to view some of your stained glass windows. I hope it is not too much trouble,’ I replied. ‘No sir, not at all. However, we will be locking the church up for the night in about 15 minutes.’ ‘Thank you,’ I said. ‘That will be. .sheesh!” and turned around, postioning her skinny little ass right in front of my throbbing member. Kelly went “Go ahead, but do it slow, I haven’t put anything up her that’s quite as big as your cock, but I think she can take you anyway.” I [placed the tip of my cock against her asshole. It looked so big in comparison. “Are you sure about this?” I said. Rose pushed back against me and the tip slipped in. I could feel Rose tense up. Her butthole squeezed my cock kinda hard. I didn’t.

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