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While Sam and I wash her hands I ask, Sam did your grandmother or parents follow any religion? Sam shakes her head no and says, My grandma said there ...asnt a God, to let her daughter die on the same day her son-in-law did. Mom and Dad were gone a lot and I remember lots of lights and trees during the winter. Grandma never had any. I dont remember one when Mommy and Daddy were alive. With a chuckle I say to my beautiful Sam, Well this year youre going to have a Christmas. Ill explain everything. Fun but precarious. We headed back to our bed. I watched closely as Renee sucked Brian's cock. Andonce again I had to pee. When I returned Renee was again onher back with her knees bent as she told Brian to lift up abit so that she could move some for some deep stroking. Iwatched from behind as Brian's balls swung and as Renee'spussy clung to his cock on his out strokes. Renee was justcoming off of her period a few days before so condoms or birthcontrol was not an issue. Brian's strokes got. With the faint beacon of the other's mind to guide him he fought the battering waves, quickly locating the other craft, It was tiny, even smaller than his own, a Fiberglas dinghy nearly awash, kept afloat only by foam compartments in the bow and stern. The body that sprawled limply across the single seat was deathly still, he would have thought it dead but for the faint pulse of its mind. He forced his skiff between the dinghy and the breakers, only a few yards before it would have been crushed. I had no idea which, no idea if he knew, and no idea what my wife wanted to happen.My cock was doing its own gymnastics. I put down the camera and burst into the room. I didn’t really know what I was saying in benefit of the vague film scenario – something about being sorry for turning up late for the meeting. Three pairs of eyes turned towards me. Wes grunted as his first shot of sperm entered my wife’s mouth. Her reaction was to gulp and close her lips. At the same time Jo grabbed the black.

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