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She had passed out cold. I pulled up the covers over us and I don’t think either of us moved until late the next morning.August was another good mon...h for us. We went to Niagara Falls for her birthday and had a great time. The falls were spectacular and so was the sex. There was nothing like getting a blow job in front of your hotel window looking out at the falls. One odd thing that happened had to do with the fact that she is afraid of spiders. She spotted a black thing on the ceiling that. She told me I had to do two things to get my specialpresent. First, I had to get undressed. My pants were offbefore you could say, “Fuck me!”I was naked and standing in front of a female and it feltgood.She then told me to pull her thong off. I reached outwith my hands, but she told me to do it with my tongue.She told me to stick my tongue into her freshly shavedpussy.I couldn’t believe that my friend’s mom would talk likethis to me, but I did as I was told and she. When he walked into the gym and started talking I decided to give him a show. I spread my legs just enough for him to see up my skirt, but not too much. When he starting taking roll call, he quietly said mine and his eyes wandered up to me, when he saw me his eyes grew and his pants grew a tad bit tighter. I decided to quit playing it safe and started rubbing myself through the scantily clad material. I could almost imagine the groan working its way through his throat and to his sexy lips. When. Therefore, he continued to play with my breasts and started kissing me so sweetly and kindly that I could resist none of his moves. Then he said he would make me feel something nicer if I came the next day. The next day was tunic day. He did the whole thing as the previous day and while on the floor, and put his hand inside my panty. This was the first time I resisted but he said he would show me heaven. In a naughty way, that was the best decision I ever made. Oh my God! It was better than.

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