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Alicia watched as a red welt was raised across her breasts. Her naked breasts.The woman was being whipped.The bound woman on the screen was completely...naked, with her arms over her head and her legs spread wide, and another woman, dressed all in black leather, was whipping her! Another blow fell even as Alicia watched, and the woman twisted in pain, unable to escape her torment. Alicia's mind started to recover and she realized that all she had to do was get her phone and take a picture of. He was in equipmentsales and was selling a major crane that was used in the construction ofthose skyscrapers. Instead of being at Mile High Stadium and seeing JohnElway he was going to have to hold the hand of his client. He calledhis travel agent and got the plane tickets. Well, he got his travelclothes which were Wranglers a polo shirt since it was summer and hisboots. He put a couple of pairs of slacks and his dress shirts and hisdress loafers in the suitcase with his toothbrush and. I asked what do I have to do? He told me to open my mouth and put the head of his cock in my mouth. I nodded okay and opened my mouth and let his cock in my mouth. He pushed and my teeth sc****d the side of his cock. He told me to open wider. I opened as wide as I could but my teeth were still hitting his cock. I couldn’t open it any more. He pushed his cock in and out as my mouth was on it. After a few minutes my mouth was getting tired, so I had to pull away. He asked if I liked it and I told. And there I was, stark naked with a huge boner. I slipped on a pair of underpants, grabbed a college golfing trophy from the mantle for defense, and cautiously opened the door. Something barged through, trailing a strong wave of perfume. I stood back and watched the visitor, a tall beautiful girl who’d just had too much heavy partying. She pushed past me and made a bee-line for the couch bed and flopped down all sprawled out. She lay there silently, her legs splayed out.

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