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Just then, there was another tap on the door so I quickly, but reluctantly, closed the bedroom door separating me from the activities I so dearly want...d to witness and be part of. Carefully opening the front door, while standing behind it to hide my nakedness, I discovered Rita our host. Dont worry about your nakedness she smilingly said Ive seen it most of the day along with your wifes nude naughtiness. Yes, I saw her bring herself to the plateau of pleasure and, yes, I saw you perform your. I put my arm around her waist so it's resting on the top of her ass and ask "so, what do you want for Christmas."Ella kind of bits her lip and rolls her eyes up like she's really thinking about it. Then in her best little girl voice says, "I want a pony and a barbie and a dolly and a bike." Ho Ho, OK little girl, be sure to tell your mommy what you told me" I reply. As I say this I mean to pat her on her back, but again since she's bigger then the kids that I see I actually end up patting the. I convinced Frank that we would be good and I would try to keep Heather out of trouble.That Friday evening we good dressed and ready to go. I wore a long full brown skirt with a silk blouse and a light sweater. Heather on the other hand wore a one piece, shimmering blue, wrap around dress that hugged every curve. We were a contrast in outfits. She had found matching powder blue stockings for her outfit. I wore cheap pantyhose. She had on lipstick, eye shadow and the works. I brushed my teeth.. ’ It’s been a long day and all that travel dust. She just stood there as if to say it didn’t matter – as I remember she had done before, but she must have read my mind because I just felt I needed to be squeaky clean for her, she was my woman and I wanted to give her my best, and I would not feel comfortable unless I showered. The way she smelt, the way she looked, her whole charisma demanded the very best ‘If you must then Pete -you will find a clean towel inside. I will go and warm the bed so.

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