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I also told her that my dad would like to meet her, if for no other reason than her Corvette. He has a thing about classic cars. Robin agreed to stay ...ith us, if it was okay with my parents. This was before cell phones and I didn't want to call my folks anyway. Seek forgiveness, don't ask permission. That was something else I learned in the army."Tony, take my car and drive Sal home. Then come to the house. I will ride with Robin to show her the way," I was giving orders just like my First. "I rolled my eyes and led my parents out of the building. At least I'd have a chance to come up with a good appeal.When we got back, there was a message from Anna on our house phone. She wanted me to call her back, and I did so."How's it going?" she asked."Not too good. The school district won't reconsider my suspension until after it's over, so I've got a two week involuntary vacation." I'm sorry to hear that, but it does make things easier from our perspective. We've had a couple of calls. It didn't seem very sexual since his crotch wascompletely featureless.He flexed some of his arms idly before turning to his two "captives"."So," he grunted. "How did I do?" Good. It went better than I expected," Daisy responded as she began toundress."Yes!" He pumped his fist into the air. "I gotta admit I hadn'trealized how enjoyable it was to be this muscular and big! Plus all theattention was nice too." The only thing you did wrong was scare that kid." It was..." No," Daisy interrupted.. They kept up this spit-roast until the copper could give no more, at which point he too pulled out and came round to Wendy’s face. Ignoring the second cock in front of her momentarily, she fingered her used pussy for a few seconds, bringing herself to a very quick climax, her fourth in just the half hour or so they’d been in the alley. Once her body had recovered sufficiently she took the second cock in her hand and began to suck both of the men off once again. After just a few minutes of this.

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