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In the next too-brief flash of light, he gazed into her eyes. ‘I imagined…’ he said at last. ‘I mean, I never dared to hope, but when I though... of you, and what it would be like when we finally…well, you know I’ve always loved thunderstorms. This was one of the ways I imagined it. But so far this is better.’ She could hear the smile in his voice as he said the last bit, and wished she could see his dimples. She took his hands and guided them to the buttons of her blouse. His fingers were. At that point, Kris, instantly understanding what was going on, shifted to Spanish, too.It was funny, really. The looks of utter consternation on the five faces was something to see. The men were hearing the purest Spanish they had ever heard in their lives and their faces reflected this fact. Jaws were literally hanging open. Then the picture changed dramatically. The men smiled. Then they beamed. Then their heads were nodding up and down a mile a minute.Then one offered a suggestion — Kris. We never before now had a conversation using our mouths, so I’ve never told you how rude I am, but you know me, and I know you, you say it’s because ‘we’ have an aura.We have an understanding now and we’re going to use each other, it’s not poetic but it is beautiful.Your first sample of me, your first touch, well I’m easily excitable at the best of times but I’ve been building this up in my head for a while now, and I gasp instantly at the realisation of your fingertips on my face. Simple isn’t. I just go along for the ride.But him, if I start in that position, it's just too much temptation. When he's completely soft, which really isn't that often, but when he's soft, it's just too cute and too much temptation. And a soft weenie fits into my mouth. The whole weenie. Lee's found her chew toy.If we've abused it too much, which has happened a couple of times during the week, it stays soft and ends up being really clean. If we've been judicious in our coupling, then a mouthful of soft.

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