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One, to save Rob's life, and two, to get even and make them pay!"We viewed our tape again and then again, looking for a way to get even. Jim and I cam... up with one plan and on reflection Sandy went along with it. Jeff appeared to be the one most reluctant to do Sandy harm. He was the chink in their armor, if we could turn him.It took us days to come together with a plan. First we had to get Jeff working for us. Jim was able to go around and talk to people all over town in his capacity as an. My nipple, as hard as it already was, filled with more blood and felt as if it was going to actually pop off my body. The intense feeling made my body quiver. Suddenly and with a swift move, Carlton swung me around. I made a little whimper as he did. Now, I was looking at him. His handsome face was smooth and his eyes were now an even deeper blue. It was very becoming. I touched his cheek softly and ran my fingertip over his lips. Carlton looked at me with that caring look he often had; the. I stood up and removed all my clothes, my chunky 6" was hard in front of me as I opened her legs I teased her already wet hole from behind, as I pushed into her she gasped as I filled her up.Tom had his 6" thin cock in Donna's mouth and was enjoying the blowjob, she's always done good oral has my wife. I started to slowly fuck her as she moaned. Only a few minutes lated and tom announced her was coming, "So soon" said Donna, and he said "Yes I'm sorry but you're good", she let go of him to try. By the time the last guy had been sucked dry, and I was heading towards the back room for the last time, my stomach was audibly sloshing as I walked across the room in my heels, my lips were puffy, and my tongue muscles were sore. I walked into the back room and slid right into the chair, exhausted, and was sitting there with my eyes closed when I heard footsteps enter the room.'I hope I'm not disturbing you.' I heard Tom say.'Not at all,' I said 'I'm just exhausted ... and full.' I.

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