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"Yes, Mom?" Let's go to my room. We'll be more comfortable."Charlie let her take his hand and lead him into her bedroom. When she turned to face him, ...is hands went the belt that tied her robe closed. He looked her in the eye as he let the loose ends go and she shrugged the robe off her shoulders. "You're beautiful, Mom," he told her, as he took in the sight of her naked form. Her breasts were full, with dark pink areolas and hard nipples. They had a little sag, but were so inviting.Linda put. She'd followed him for awhile now like an unseen spy satellite in the sky. She followed him home, a nice condo, good for a bachelor. There was no sign of any woman's things in his apartment, he never called anyone or got calls from anyone other then a work mate and his parents. He mostly just sat in his chair, watched TV or played video games. He had a golden retriever to keep him company. Socializing was a few beers with the work crew during happy hour every Friday.Today was the day she made. He is quite handsome, she caught herself thinking, tall, blond, muscular... She opened her window and heard him say "Good morning Ma'am, your driving license please." She reached into her handbag and handed him her driving license with a shy "Here you go." He studied it for a moment, looked at her, then walked around the car. What the heck is he checking, she wondered. "Right, Ma'am, you were doing 130km/h back there but allowed are only 100!" "Oh gosh, I'm so sorry Sir, I wasn't paying. He even shivered a little as he remembered the woman's lips on his cock. If Paula ever knew! What a hypocrite, he told himself, preaching fidelity and then letting some stranger give him a blowjob. Cheating on Paula with their anniversary just around the corner. If he had a hairshirt, he'd have worn it every second.Instead of a hairshirt, he had Kurt. His boss had been riding him even more than usual, it seemed. Crappy assignments, late hours, niggling complaints. Steve swallowed it all as.

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