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Ika chala choosthanani cheppi ckeeki cheeki vadhili pettavu ika nenu hooks pettukontanu andhi nenu vaddu ani cheppi veetini ilage choodalani pisthondh... anni ame right handnu theesukoni naa jiplonchi naa sullini bayataku theesi dani meeda vesanu. Pinny abba needi intha peddada andhi acharya pothu naadi 9 inches podavu, 2 inches dhoddu unttndhi. Chinnanadi intha undada ani adiganu pinny dintlo sagam kuda undadu nijanga intha peddavi kuda untaya ani andi. Naadanni pattukoni chala vedi aindhi mari. I am really happy to share my story here. Thanks for the comments. Let me continue from here. As she came to hotel I was staying that day my dick was paining so I said I can’t fuck u today but she push me and came inside. She pushed me to the bed and opens my pants and makes me naked down. She took out some packet form her bra and put in to my dick. It was homemade medicine and made me some relief. After some time my dick again became rock hard and she said shall we do I said please not today.. .When I entered the building on Sunday, it was completely deserted except for the security guards. I deduced that the only management in the building would be the ones in my department. As I slowly got in – lethargy worked inside me, as I was pretty unhappy of coming to office on a non-work day.As I got inside our department, I saw a grin on the face of Sharmeen. As I sat down, I checked on the expressions of all. Something was off! But, I couldn't quite understand. Normally, these girls were. She grabs them and puts them on her tits through the bathing suit." Kyle get to it because this is sounding like it was exactly what you wanted." I was so nervous and excited my hands were shaking and she asks if I'm okay. I say yeah and she gives me this smile and says it's your first time isn't it?" I admit it is, I mean I'm shaking like a damn leaf and I was stuttering so not like I could hide it. Then she looks down and asks what happened. I look and I'm not that hard anymore. I'm like you.

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