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The Gina within -- she finally settled on "New Gina" for lack of a better term -- had pushed things as far as she dared. The guards that patrolled the...corridors were all extensions of the bit of Victor's psyche that resided in the real Gina's mind like a cancer. They were ever more tense now, ever more alert, as if finally cognizant of New Gina's presence.New Gina looked towards the door through which Cassie had last departed. It had not vanished as she believed it ought. Pastel light played in. He is disabled and not able to work so this work that we are doing for his benefit."Everyone there was smiling and nodding their heads looking like they understood and eager. "This is Julie and she is in charge of this project. Listen to her and everyone is going to come out of this much better than before. Ok?" There was a general agreement among the men. "Now, each of you should have your assignments and know what needs to be done." More agreement among the men and finally, "Ok, Let me open. But, Cat chose that moment to arch her back and stretch, the sheet falling away from her back and bottom as she did. Expressing his doubts about the project would take too long. He said, “E-mail me the details. I’ll look at them. When and where would I audition?”“No audition. They like your work on the Dungeon Master Power Hour. They just want a yes or no.”When Hall hung up, Cat looked back at him over her shoulder. “What was that about?”Hall put aside his laptop and climbed back onto the bed,. So any audience over the age of 20 would know the plot, scores, songs and movements and expect a quality performance. But 45 years is a long time to pass for a drama which played out to a very different world and time. What if the new angles the writers had given it didn't live up to the hype of an older art?Olivia need not worry. The old folks in the audience would see what they remembered. The younger crowd would be there to see a line of naked young men and women. And that thought brought.

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