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Leaning back onto his hunches with the intention to retrieve a letter opener or leverage of some sort from the surface of the desk, Dara looked up to ...ind a shadow standing above him. Surprised into silence he doesn’t notice it to be a girl until the lest moment. Dara was even more shocked to see she was wielding a fire poker like she were channeling Boadicea. The girl, in her white night dress, had been dozing in and out of consciousness on the window seat when the young invader had entered. As she watched him walking, she thought to herself, am I really going to do this? Her heart was pounding as she opened her door and walked outside, moving towards him, pretending not to notice him. He had want his smartphone out as he was walking. But as she approached him, she clearly caught his eye, because he almost stumbled as he stopped short. She resisted the urge to smile. She was used to this kind of reaction and it boosted her confidence. "Hello," he said with enough firmness that it. He heard nani shout from other room that she was going to market. He dressed up quickly and slept on mami’s bed only, watching tv.Once mami came..he didn’t know how to react.wat if she with have seen him.but den what the hell..he is a guy and he is just big deal. Better just try and sleep. Mohit convinced himself to sleepMami was in salwar kameej and with bras perhaps. Breasts looked firmer nowMami came , had her lunch and joined in to lie down beside mohit. Mami was wearing a. ...This was no time to lose heart, I thought. My heart pounding, I pulled you tight to mouth slamming onto yours. Like a scalded cat your body twisted and writhed, your open mouth gasping with the effort of pushing against me. Then when you realised my strength you suddenly stood hand was behind your head , gripping your long soft hair and forcing our faces together. Your mouth relaxed under mine and I even sensed a return of pressure as I concentrated on kissing your warm.

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