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He waited a few seconds before he continued to press his cock slowly up in me so I could feel every inch of it sliding up my assHe pulled back out a b...t and started to fuck my tight hole quickly while having one arm around my neck like in a choking position, making me bend a little backwards so I could hear the loud spanking sound every time his dick was all up in me, so he smacked into my soft bubble-like bumcheeks. As he was getting closer to cuming he speeded up a bit and I moaned a bit. ”“Cups are sitting beside the coffee maker,” I told him, “I cleaned out your pockets and put everything on the coffee table so I could wash your clothes,” as I got up to get myself a cup of coffee as soon as the pot quit brewing.“Thank you,” he told me as he got a cup of coffee after I finished getting mine. “You didn’t have to wash my clothes.”I looked at him and said, “Believe me, I did need to wash them. Your clothes smelled like a screwdriver and cheap whiskey.”“How the hell did my clothes. Pressing her palms on my thighs she slid them up across my stomach and onto my chest. I continued to stare into those welcoming orbs of pleasure and the dainty smile beneath. Her fingers slowly undid each button on my shirt. My cock stiffened as it was pressed into her firm breasts. I could actually see the bulge in my jeans nestled in the snug valley between them. As she opened each button she slid further down and I leaned my head back as my senses swirled in the headiness of throbbing. .." Position?" Carol queried as a thrill ran up her backbone. What had he got in mind?"Yes, position... You are to be strapped firmly across that coffee table. Tonight I'm taking you from behind, doggy fashion and you ain't getting up until I'm spunkless... "Carol gasped as he led her across to their large low coffee table and made her lie belly down on top of it. Tom spread-eagled her long stocking clad legs and tied them with cord so that each foot was clamped to a leg leaving her wide open.

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