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No belly button either, but its - her - pussy was the mostperfect he had ever seen. It glistened with recent pleasure as Faeona,her eyes still closed,...contained to rub herself gently with both hands,lost in the afterglow of unprecedented pleasure."I wish I was small enough to fuck her," Rick found himself thinking -and suddenly the doll's glow intensified again. Now she opened her eyes -narrow slits at first, then fearful wide as she saw the man looming overher."Wish?" Faeona squeaked, covering. Bye! I tipped Sharon and paid for everything, leaving for home. I was dying to see Chriss face! Back home, I carefully grabbed two handfuls of grocery bags, trying not to shake my head too much and somehow lose the look. Fortunately Chris mustve heard my car come in the garage, as he raced down to come and help me. Mom, are there a lot of Whoa! he exclaimed. You got your hair done! He quickly rushed towards me with an undeniable smile on his face and softly stroked my hair. Do you like it? I. "Well, I will set it up, and then you can pull me up in my favorite position," she said."Sweet!" was my response. I sure would like to know what her favorite position was, but I thought that this also implied that she would be a submissive.I noticed how Sofie started to hook up two tackle blocks on some ceiling hooks, and then she started to attach some rope to it with two other tackle blocks connected to the rope. Using those tackle blocks sure would help to lift something from the floor with. She wasn’t too happy with this remark so she told me that if I didn’t get the hell out of the bathroom, she was going to go into my room and start breaking all of my trophies and chucking all of my porn magazines which apparently she knew about. I said that I really needed to shower because I wasn’t feeling well, so she had no right to kick me out. At that point she started playing with the door knob, seemingly trying to get through the lock. Realizing that I would be caught red-handed, I first.

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