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Have you Rachel?" Oh yes, been tied and done the tying," she said huskily. "And I bet you look hot tied up too," Lucy said, eyes travelling over Rache...'s body."No more so than you two would," She suggested in response."I guess we'll never know," Lucy said with a wink before turning on Sandra. "So when were you tied up and who did it?" she demanded."Secret," Sandra replied, recalling the day she'd set herself up for her father. "Nuh uh, no secrets," Lucy said."Yes there are!" Sandra laughed,. I am incredibly wet. You look me in the eyes and can probably tell how horny I am. You unbutton my jeans and slowly move your hand inside my black lace panties. I groan loudly as you dip into my wetness and bury your finger deep inside me. I desperately want you to move up to my clit and make me cum, but instead, you remove your hand completely. With you other hand, you open the door to the ladies' bathroom and push me through it. Another door, and we're inside the stall. Finally having full. She let go of the armrests. Her palms were damp, but it wasn't the only thing that was damp. Melissa sighed. She was sitting by the window, two people between her and the aisle. She gave the woman to her left another glance. She was still reading her book."I..." Melissa started, but before she had a chance to finish her sentence, or even unbuckle, the woman beside her got up, pushing her husband to do the same. "I have to go..." Melissa said, her voice trailing off. "Thank you," she smiled. We talked incessantly, yet there were many silences that neither of us felt we had to break.When Teresa returned to her own home, late on Sunday evening, I was amazed at just how quickly she had become a part of my life; even this early I was beginning to think in terms of us rather than me. I was honest enough to know that I still didn't love her, but more importantly, for the first time, I realised that I could.The following weekend would be an emotional roller coaster for me for it was my.

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