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I saw her in her room changing out of her school uniform, and she had just taken her pants off. She wasn’t wearing any underwear at all that day. I ...ent to my room astonished by what I saw. Later that night I was dreaming of all the things I would do to her body and the things she would do for me. She told me that she wasn’t into guys or girls. She hated when people would touch her, but she loved it when I held her as we sat watching tv or cuddling up once in a while.That night as I was. Everything was so bright and clear, I had gone through the training with Laura, or the other Laura on how to control my new parts, I knew I had to be careful of my strength. I looked around taking in my surroundings, I saw the parts for Entoch's body stacked to one side, I also saw Entoch lying on the sleeping furs unmoving.I flexed my hands, getting a sense of power from them, slowly I sat up. Tilting my head from side to side, just getting a feel for everything. I looked down at myself, I. Generally ... those pastures were shaved and not a single one of them was green ... yellow, black, brown, or red in every conceivable shade and seldom did the carpet match the drapes ... the evidence of greenness was soon gone ... the pastures were happy ... the cows contented.James stretched himself past his expectations, but the pastures still had to be ... eaten? He spread his largess far and wide and the expectations became expecting. He couldn't do the right thing to everyone so he. Those injuns made a BIG mistake by leaving me alive. After I got the arrow out and the bleeding stopped, it took me four days to heal up enough so that I could travel. I must be get'en soft. It didn't make any difference though; I was going after those braves and somebody was going die.I trailed those injuns for four days and I was closing in on them. It was early afternoon when I first smelled the smoke. I had found my quarry.I PULLED my spare rifle from its scabbard. Signaling the dogs to be.

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