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”Radhika ki chut se khoon aane laga. Woh dard ke mare tadap rahi thi par Sultan ne usse kass ke pakada hua tha. Woh chillana chah rahi thi par uski ...heekh Sultan k muh mai jaa rahi thi. Gabbar ka ek jhatke mai sirf adha lund hi ghus paya tha. Dard ke mare Radhika ki aankhe badi ho gayi thi. Gabbar ne fir ek jor ke jhatke se apne baaki ka lund Radhika ki chut mai ghusa diya fir ruk gaya. Gabbar fir pure lund ko bahar nikala aut fir ek aur jhatka marte hue andar ghused diya. Radhika cheekh padi.. They lied down and looked at each other, taking each others clothes off. He pressed his mouth to her nipple, sucking it, licking it and slightly nibbling on it. They hugged, pressing their naked bodies together and smelling each other. She fondled his balls with her hands and he caressed her breasts, kissing them and then kissing her face. He put his fingers into her, feeling her wetness and making her gasp, digging her nails into his back. She felt his tongue on her clitoris, teasing it and. Francis let the warm water rinse off the soap. She moaned quietly from the sensation. As she soaped up her stomach, Francis pictured Bo sitting on the bathroom sink and watching her. She rotated her hips slightly and pulled back her shoulders. Her hand glided from one hip to the other. Her fingers returned to clean out her belly button. Then they slid downward. She applied a bit of shampoo to her bush. Lathering her pubic hair was a great excuse to massage the region. The bottle said to rinse. "Look, before you go I'll give you my email address and cell phonenumber, don't be afraid to use them," said Jill."Thanks, by the way, if I wasn't already dating someone, I would haveasked you out," said Scott.Jill leaned over and kissed Scott on the cheek. "And if I wasn't intogirls I would have accepted."Scott laughed."If you do turn, look me up," said Jill with a wink. "If you lookanything like Annie, I'll be asking you out first!" Chapter 13The rest of the.

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