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’ he said lightly touching her jaw with his thumb, which made her blush even deeper. She covered her face and started laughing all over again. ‘Th...nk God for alcohol…I’d never get the truth out of you, would I Tony?’ Kristy said, hiccuping from laughing so hard. She looked at him and smiled. ‘I will say this about you though…’ softly stroking his cheek ‘…what you don’t say with words you do say with your eyes.’ He looked down, a faint blush creeping up in his cheeks. ‘You’re right, I’m not. “Well, I suppose we could do something like that. What if we have all three boys come up and each of them show the class what they know about kissing? That way we would get more done and no one would feel left out.”“I like that idea better,” Linda agreed.“Miss Mooney?” Charlotte Himmes spoke up and I looked back to see her with an evil grin. I knew this was going to be a good one.“Yes, Charlotte?”“We want you to participate too, since you said that you’ve never done anything in the backseat of. I noticed she stopped eating, and I wouldn't blame her."Why the fuck did you stop eating!?!?! Do you want the pizza or not?"She went but to eating the pizza. I could see a tear roll down the side of her cheek. But nothing could stop me. I wanted some ass and I wanted it now.... But maybe I could pleasure her a little. I pulled my dick out of her ass and I reached down to the floor and I grabbed the vibrator. I got back up on top of her. I plunged my dick into her cunt to get it wet again so. I try to squirm back and sit up straight but he pulls me back down into a slouched position. He also inserts one of my dildos into my pussy and fucks me with it while continuing to flick my clit. I’m literally in heaven at this moment and I’m trying to keep a straight face as I’m scared to get caught. After a few minutes I’m let into the Zoom interview. He hears the voices from the Interview and eases off. He pulls the dildo out and just rubs my pussy gently. I continue with the interview while.

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