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We only had a last name, Argentine, but it was rare enough that I figured that I could get something useful from a computer search. I got three hits, ...ocally, though there were several more in other cities. Two hits were female and one was male, about what you would expect from the current preponderance of women in the population.Maybe it was chauvinistic, but I assumed that the man was the more likely troublemaker. Oh, man, was I in for a shock. The man was a preacher in his 80s, so I set him. Again my eyes were begun to search her sexy milk tanks. All of sudden somebody cracked a jock to which she began to laugh by bending down. Her full melons were shaken in her nighty by her laugh.Thus First day passed normally. We finished the dinner and left to upstairs. The second day morning I wake at 5am to walk around the field. I came out from the house sat on the parapet wall. Suddenly I heard some bucket sound at the well. I looked down to the well side.There was a dim light glowing and. You know first hand that I keep my word.”Crimson sneered, “Yeah, but there’s always a trick isn’t there.”“Of course, but that’s as advertised, I am the Dark Trickster after all, Kristen Flint.”Kristen gasped. He knew both their secret identities. Of course, he was targeting them with his attacks, it wasn’t random. He had to have known. But that meant they weren’t safe, anywhere at any time. Her fist balled up ready to fight for survival. “You son of a bitch.”“Yes, she was wasn’t she. Anywho,. I love morning love making”Did you ever have the feeling someone was staring at you, while you slept? Well, I had that feeling and opened my eyes to see Sarah, laying on her side, her head being held up by her hand, and just smiling away.“Good morning sleepy head. Hope slept good. I did.”“What time is it anyways? And, I slept great. Must have been the workout last night.”“It’s 7:30. I’ve been awake since 7. Had to pee. I peed at 3am and those two were still going at it.”I laughed and said,.

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