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Itwas too big for just one. The moment he did his whole life changedforever.Jena liked the shiny object and tried to grab it. Jonathan smiled andtook ...t out of the box and slipped it on to her fingers. She only had amoment to enjoy it when her world spun out of control and she saw herselflooking down at herself. Her mind expanded and found new links, ones thatshe could never form in her tiny body.Looking down at Jena's tiny body she saw her eyes widen in shock. Jenagot her fingers and hands to. Michele looked in the mirror and admired her transformation. 'I look quiteattractive' she thought; 'I bet Michael would like to fuck me' (she giggledto herself at the absurdity) and reached for her wine glass.Michele went to the closet located on the right-hand side of the bedroom;Michele's closet. The closet on the left was Michael's closet and containedhis suits, shirts, ties and boring male underwear, socks and shoes.Michele's closet contained the soft, luxurious, feminine attire that. She called me at least once a week wanting to know if I was ready to talk to her yet. I always said no and that we didn’t have anything to talk about. Her wanting to talk made no sense to me. I wasn’t anywhere near the kind of guys she was dating. She finally decided to force the issue.I hadn’t been to a school dance since my father died and I hadn’t planned on going to the next one, but mom kept pushing me to go.“You need to get your life back on track honey. Go! Do me a favor and go.”More to. " Tina told the story of her new 'sister'.The Carters listened, somewhat amused, until they heard Cindy's age. Tina read the expressions on their faces. "Oh, Mizz Kathy, sometimes age isn't more than a number." And both parties let the topic drop."You knew about this Cindy?" Kathy asked Susan."Of course. Tina's my best friend. We talk about ever'thing. She showed me pictured of their trip, and the group, an' how WONDERFUL the concert was ... I wish I coulda gone with 'em." You should know that.

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