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His hands drop to my thighs. My head is turned off and my body wins. How I want this, I want him. I take off my shirt and bra; his eyes glare at my br...asts. As his hands continue to explore, I push my breasts into his face. He takes hold of my nipple and bites it gently. Then he stops, takes my hand, and takes me to the bedroom. He asks if everything is still in the same place and I nod at him. He takes the shackles he gave as a present and ties my hands to the bed. Then he blindfolds me. I can. I’m hungry, and need to get a bit of exercise. Just to get in shape for whatever the afternoon and evening may bring….”If Matt was disappointed he didn’t show it. He wanted sex with his mate, certainly, but he also just wanted to hang out with him and Dave’s plan sounded good. In the kitchen they found some bread and cheese and washed it down with a cold lager. Whilst eating they agreed to head off for the gym as soon as they had finished, to spend an hour or so there and get ready for an. Shes always wanted to fly all across the world. This seemed like a dream come true. But she decided to take the risk and clicked the link.It opened a new tab. A privited youtube video played. A man appear on the screen."Hello Dodie. You shouldnt have clicked that link"Panicing, she tried to close the tab, but strangly she couldnt seem to move"Bit stuck? Aww its so cute how the think youre in control here. You see, the music in this video is tapping into your subconscious. And now youll find. He responded with a flurry of hard and fast thrusts that made her breasts jiggle gloriously. The headboard rattled in time with his hips.Once again, Rick established a steady rhythm, mixing short strokes with long ones. Fast thrusts with slower pushes.Shelley’s eyes rolled back into her head and all she could do was hang on for the ride.Her legs were spread as wide as she could get them. His cock hit bottom every time.Flailing her arms around, she grasped for the pillows, the comforter,.

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