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Fred smiled then asked her “if she would like to be released?” which she `wanted more than anything,’ but Fred, being Fred said, “he would do ...o, but only if she would be re-secured on her knees where it would be a lot more comfortable!” She begged him to “do just that if he must, as her hands and arms beginning to ache almost as much as her legs. In a few minutes she was on hands and knees d****d over the coffee table, her arms and legs secured to the legs of the table looking relieved. . "Sexy things even? I know that's what Allan wants me to do, so I should maybe start doing that now? Even if Bobby is maybe too young still for sex? Do you think this would make Bobby feel more included, that he is special too?"I nodded. "I think that would be a very good idea. I could suggest you start wearing sexy clothing in the evenings, a transparent nightgown, and cuddling with Bobby just as Allan cuddles with Bonnie. And when he is used to the cuddling, make a more intimate game of. Throwing a bathrobe on, I went down to the kitchen, thinking of paying Lynette a visit.Brett was already up and about; when he saw me, he poured me a mug of coffee. The clock on the wall read 11:00."What's the plan for today?" I asked."Yesterday we concentrated on her back," he said, "today; we will devote our attentions mostly to her breasts." I'll go check on her," I suggested."Don't bother; Olga is taking care of her needs, right now. Festivities start at two; you'll see her then, not. " (From Wikipedia)Note on the second version: If you read LNDtH v1, completed 3/23/2015, you will find a few changes in this version. The story and action are the same, but a few of the names (mostly last names) are slightly different. Occasionally, I pluck names out of my memory as likely for a particular character and later realize they are the same or very similar to the names of people I knew at one time or another, even though the character bears no resemblence to the actual person. So,.

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