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Our table is facing the wall length wise. The entrance is situated near Assarudeen then Sheba and I was placed at the end. Usually when boys come to s...bmit their work to either Sheba or me, they come and stand very close to the chair literally touching our arm. We I usually place the chair near to the table and pull the key board over and rest the arm on the hand rest of the chair making even more comfortable for them to touch. When they come near us there is no room for me to change my. Then, suddenly, a loud crack made me cry out in shock. Fuck, what the hell was that? It happened again and I knew then that it was the crack of a whip – a real whip. Oh my God. When the whip cracked again something heavy landed across my bottom making me scream. As I tried to process the pain I was confused. The pain was like that of a heavy flogger, but the crack of the whip had sounded at exactly the same time. It happened again, the sharp crack of the whip sounding at the same moment the. She didn’t want them to aggravate the wives.Meanwhile, Jake and I took the Humvee out to see what had happened to the two mules. On the way, I had picked up two of the air-powered rifles and 200 rounds of ammunition. Of course, I still had my L-gun pistol. As expected, the two mules were dead with nothing remaining but a few cracked bones.Before we did anything else, I demonstrated the new rifle to Jake. He was good with a rifle, and when I asked why he explained that he was normally a. If you ask me to stop between ten and twenty spanks ten spanks will be added to what remains to be administered. If you ask it to stop between twenty and thirty, then five will be added. Do you understand?" Yes my Lord, thank you for your clear instructions but I will be able to take all thirty sir.My body was tense in anticipation of the pain which was about to come but I was also so sexually aroused and I felt that the moisture from my pussy must be soaking his thighs. Then I felt his hand.

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