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She was in her mid thirties and very feminine with such beautiful, naturally curvaceous body. Her generous breasts were very well complemented by her ...icely rounded ass. It was quite obvious that she looked after herself, exercising regularly and keeping her stomach nice and flat and her legs well-toned. Lynda suddenly realized she was ogling her sexy hostess, and so she awkwardly asked if they’d be working out to Indian music. Sunita couldn’t possibly have missed her house guest’s lascivious. As I am reading the menu, selecting an entree, her foot once again brushes my calf, but then slides up into my lap. Glancing down, I see her pink-painted toes crawling up until her sole rests over my crotch. After wriggling those toes for the briefest moment, she draws back her foot and returns it beneath the table.I look across the table to see her studiously examining her menu, as if completely oblivious to anything going on. When she feels my glance, however, she looks up and a mischievous. I licked my lips and turned away from him and towards the open window. My thumbs found the elastic of my panties and I slid them down, bending at the waist to give him a good view of my wet and swollen pussy. With my panties at my ankles, my legs spread, I reached back between my legs and ran my fingers through my wet folds.I heard Jim grunt his approval. I dipped my fingers in my sloppy channel and brought some of the wetness to my clit. My wet fingers circled my tight bud, teasing the. “That would be wonderful, honey. Thank you for volunteering,” Hugh said with a huge smile.Shortly after the dishes were done, Joni and Hugh were alone in the living room.Joni said, “Back in the dining room, I thought you were going to ask me to have sex with you to make up for the language.”“I did think about it. But I learned one thing when my wife was pregnant with the girls and then with Johnny. If a pregnant woman says no to sex and you keep pushing it, she can get scary,” Hugh.

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