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And as soon as we took off and it was relatively quiet I fell asleep, like I've done many times before on a plane.But then, a few hours later I sudden...y woke up to a darkened plane and feeling the woman next to me touching me between my legs. She didn't notice I woke up, and she continued gently sliding her hand up and down the inside of my leg. I was like... "wth is going on". I didn't wanted to stop her though, because it felt rather nice and she was really good looking. I was peeking over. " What you doing anyway?" Nothing. Just bored," I said. "I'm gonna go to the mall later probably." It's boring there too." Brittany went back to her magazine and I sat down on her bed."Yeah, but at least there's guys there." I grinned and Brittany wasn't really all that cute so she was kind of up and down on boys. Like a love hate thing. She loved them and they hated her, or so it seemed."Where's your boyfriend?" she wondered."Jerking off." I giggled and watched her blush."Oh." She nodded like. . I shouldn’t ... it’s dangerous... ... danger ... excitement... I dipped one finger into my pussy, extracting some of the dangerous seed, and put it into my mouth. Mmm! Salty, kind of acrid, but tasty! As I brought my finger back down to extract more, it bumped my other hand, which was now playing with my clit. When had I started doing that?I pushed my finger back inside, continuing to masturbate as I did so. I didn’t take my finger back out right away -- I thrust it in and out a couple times. Chachi was having shoulder pain so I asked if I can massage her shoulders. She has seen me massaging my dad’s shoulders & new I was good at it so agreed readily.She was sitting at the end of the bed & I was standing & massaging her neck and shoulders. Since she had removed her dupatta I could see her deep cleavage & started getting a hard-on. I didn’t realise that it was hitting her back every time I put some pressure on her shoulders.As I came in the flow she started moaning a bit showing a.

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