When To Apply For A Credit Card

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Florida man stunned to receive credit card with $14,000 limit, he never apply for it – ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — A St. Petersburg man was stunned to see a credit card arrive with his name. The problem is he never.

When applying for a mortgage, you might proudly list the high-limit credit cards you own on your application. After all, if all those credit card companies view you in such high esteem.

Are you thinking of applying for a credit card? You’re in good company with over half a million Americans submitting a new credit card application every day according to the Consumer Financial.

It might not be a good idea to apply for a new card. Credit cards require you to make regular monthly payments which can put a strain on your finances. Your credit score will suffer too.

Before you rush into your next credit card application, consider that 1 in 5 consumers are using a credit card that’s a bad fit, and the majority aren’t choosing the card that’s considered.

Any time you’re thinking of applying for a card that offers points, you need to figure out how valuable its points are. Note.

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United just launched a new business credit card, and it’s offering a 100,000-mile bonus for a limited time – The new card replaces the United Explorer Business card for new applicants, and it’s offering a 100,000-mile sign-up bonus.

Home loan applicants could be restricting their borrowing power by tens of thousands of dollars simply by having a credit card. Many Australians might be none the wiser that having plastic.